The Healthy Performance Artist Part 1 - Nutrition

As performers we deal with busy lifestyles and high stress situations on a daily basis. Maintaining health and happiness can be hard. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of where to start in terms of staying energized and maintaining healthy weight. To assist performers and other high stress occupations with these issues I sat down with Dietician Cathryn Whiteley for some advice. Sarah – Hiya, thank you for being here. Today we are here to receive some advise on how to keep a performer’s body healthy in terms of what we put in our mouths. Firstly could you give us a quick low down on your experience and credentials? Cathryn – Hi Sarah, sure. I hold a Bachelor degree in Heath Science and a Masters

The Illusion of Natural Talent

Family, friends, students and parents have often asked me how old I was when I started studying music. This statement is often applied in the context of trying to obtain knowledge of how long it takes to become a successful performer, musician or educator. They ask if I had "Natural Talent" or if my parents pushed me really hard to attend lessons or participate in performances. These can be difficult questions to answer as educators need to be wary that their answers may have an impact on how parents approach music education for their children or how individuals perceive their own musical talents, goals or achievements. To be honest every person experiences music education, live music and pe

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Keep singing, Sarah Jane xxxxx