M u s i c  T h e o r y

W o r k s h o p s

A practical approach to Music Theory!

As many singers are aware applying Music theory to the voice can be a herculean task. These workshops are designed to help vocalists apply the theory they see on paper to what is happening when they produce sound.

Practical Music Theory For Beginners

Practical Music Theory For the Intermediate

Practical Music Theory for the Advanced

Whether you are a completely new to music theory or just need help passing your musicianship exam. Come to one of these workshops and lets learn the boring parts in a fun way.

For Dates, Times, Venue and Pricing please..

K e e p  t r a c k  o f 

y o u r  p r o g r e s s . .

Download free teacher-student progress forms in order to keep track of your theory and aural skills.

Interval Progress Sheet (Major Scale)
Interval Progress Sheet (Minor Scale)
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