Sarah Jane Whiteley Vocalist singer Adelaide vocal coach
Sarah Jane Whiteley Vocalist singer Adelaide vocal coach

P r i v a t e  V o i c e
 L e s s o n s

Introductory Lesson and Voice Evaluation

In your first session Sarah will analyse your voice starting with a series of questions about your past experience, goals and aesthetic likes and dislikes when it comes to music.

She will also listen to your voice for range, technique, voice quality and vocal health. From here on there can be decisions made between the student/parent and teacher to the focus of the lessons hereafter. This method generally provides the best way to move forward with success.

A  T y p i c a l  L e s s o n

Private lessons can include; general to advanced technique and musicality, specifics on anatomy if desired. Song Interpretation for stagecraft, audition preparation, aural development, arranging, transcribing, microphone technique, guidance with voice care and safe avenues for sounds such as 'Belting', Style studies, exam preparation, sight reading, improvisation and SACE preparation/support. (solo performance, ensemble performance, composition, individual study and musicianship). Some of these inclusions will be mandatory for any voice user, though some will be chosen at the client/student's discretion.

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Sarah Jane Whiteley Vocalist singer Adelaide vocal coach